Nice review in the Globe and Mail of Piano Ecstasy concert + Music for China on May 14

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Robert Harris, in the Globe and Mail, writes a nice review of Soundstreams’ Piano Ecstasy, last Friday in Koerner Hall.

Read it here
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New Music 101 – amazing Guardian series

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I’m supposed to be a new music expert here in Canada, but I’ve been learning amazing things just by following this guide to contemporary music from the Guardian.

Still waiting for the Jim Tenney and Claude Vivier articles…

Toronto Star Previews Six Piano Show

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In this interview with Trish Crawford, I sound a bit dunce-like, but in the accompanying video, I gotta say, I get some serious camera time! If only I had asked for the camera-person’s phone number…

Check it out here

Toronto Star’s David Macfarlane writes about the Uitti show and the Music Gallery

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Life can be tough in the post-classical world, so it is extra nice when the shoutouts happen. David Macfarlane wrote a really nice article about the Frances-Marie Uitti show that I curated at the Music Gallery, and also about the value of spaces like the MG.

Read the article here

Check out Music Gallery shows here

Toronto is Awesome’s Sharon Lee interviews me and Tania Gill (who is awesome)

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Did I really claim to have gone to “hundreds of thousands of concerts”? Sheesh. Do I really have a hirsute-Brobdignagian-dancer fetish? No way! (IT’S ALL TRUE).

Read all the lurid details here.

OE post about buying 100 Metronomes.

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This is a link to my Open Ears blog post about my long time quest to buy 100 metronomes in order to perform Gyorgy Ligeti’s Poème Symphonique. IT’S ALL TRUE.

Amazing tour with Fujii Percussion

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Sometimes we gig for the money and sometimes for fun or to play cool repertoire, and sometimes you get those really special performances that change you and sustain you. The recent tour I did with Fujii Percussion and Ryan Scott was one of the great musical experiences of my life, and I’ll treasure it forever. Lessons learned just by watching Mutsuko and Rika-Fujii and Haruka play are still teaching me to be a better musician. Hanging out with Michael Oesterle inspired me to keep striving for greater things. Rehearsing with Ryan and Haruka and Rika-Fujii was about as good as it gets. There is full video of the concert here:

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