Soundstreams Videos

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Here are some cool videos of stuff I played in, posted by Soundstreams.

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The Little Match Girl Passion, Dec 20 & 21

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Little Match Girl Passion FINAL1

All things must come to an end, and so it is with my tenure as curator at the Music Gallery. It’s been wonderful working there with amazing artists and a wonderful team. I’m particularly proud of my last two shows – the Feldman Second String Quartet this past October, and my last show, the Little Match Girl Passion, Dec 20th. This piece for vocal quartet is, as the New Yorker simply put it, “a masterpiece.”

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New Musicworks Website + Article by Matthew Pioro

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The Musicworks Magazine website has been overhauled and is looking great!

Back issues are now online – here’s a link to the wonderful article that journalist Matthew Pioro wrote about me a few years ago. The photos (which I love) are by Adam Coish.

Watch Six Pianos from up above.

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Here’s a link to the Soundstreams Canada concert I played in at Koerner Hall with six concert grand pianos (a Schimmel, an Estonia, two Yamahas, one Steinway and a gorgeous Bosendorfer). The big hit on the program, no surprise, was the last piece – Steve Reich’s Six Pianos. The camera shot was amazing.
Incidentally, my favourite of the six grands was the Schimmel.

Six Pianos by Steve Reich starts at 1:23.

Nice review in the Globe and Mail of Piano Ecstasy concert + Music for China on May 14

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Robert Harris, in the Globe and Mail, writes a nice review of Soundstreams’ Piano Ecstasy, last Friday in Koerner Hall.

Read it here
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New Music 101 – amazing Guardian series

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I’m supposed to be a new music expert here in Canada, but I’ve been learning amazing things just by following this guide to contemporary music from the Guardian.

Still waiting for the Jim Tenney and Claude Vivier articles…

Toronto Star Previews Six Piano Show

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In this interview with Trish Crawford, I sound a bit dunce-like, but in the accompanying video, I gotta say, I get some serious camera time! If only I had asked for the camera-person’s phone number…

Check it out here