New Business Venture: Metronome Rental!

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Dreaming of performing Gyorgy Ligeti’s Poeme Symphonique in Canada or the US but bummed about Wittner’s rental cost (1000 euro plus about 1500 euro shipping to Canada)? Check out the metronome rental link, and make your dreams a reality!

Soulpepper Fun!

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I’ve been a Resident Artist at Soulpepper Theatre for almost four years now, which is a dream job. Essentially you get paid to work with wonderful people on wonderful projects. Here’s a video of this past summer’s Youth Mentorship Program participants, who are led by Paula Wing. I worked with them a bit on this musical number, which was serious fun, though I had nothing to do with their sweet dance moves.

Blast from the Past – This Will Not Be Televised

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This Will Not Be Televised – NICOLE LIZEE on Vimeo.

This year’s Jules Leger Prize winner, Nicole Lizee, was featured at Open Ears Festival in 2012.  I had a great time conducting this ace ensemble, led by the Penderecki Quartet with DJ P-Love. One of the great pieces of our generation.


Avoid Success: An Interview with John Terauds

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A poster from one of my favourite shows, which featured Halo Ballet and some amazing dancers.

As I leave the Music Gallery after a long association, John Terauds at Musical Toronto has written a very nice piece about me. Thanks to the MG for all the opportunities and letting me do my thing, for better or for worse. My last show is GREX + David Lang’s Little Match Girl Passion on Dec 20th.

Soundstreams Videos

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Here are some cool videos of stuff I played in, posted by Soundstreams.

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The Little Match Girl Passion, Dec 20 & 21

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Little Match Girl Passion FINAL1

All things must come to an end, and so it is with my tenure as curator at the Music Gallery. It’s been wonderful working there with amazing artists and a wonderful team. I’m particularly proud of my last two shows – the Feldman Second String Quartet this past October, and my last show, the Little Match Girl Passion, Dec 20th. This piece for vocal quartet is, as the New Yorker simply put it, “a masterpiece.”

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New Musicworks Website + Article by Matthew Pioro

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The Musicworks Magazine website has been overhauled and is looking great!

Back issues are now online – here’s a link to the wonderful article that journalist Matthew Pioro wrote about me a few years ago. The photos (which I love) are by Adam Coish.