Amazing tour with Fujii Percussion

April 22nd, 2013 § 0 comments

Sometimes we gig for the money and sometimes for fun or to play cool repertoire, and sometimes you get those really special performances that change you and sustain you. The recent tour I did with Fujii Percussion and Ryan Scott was one of the great musical experiences of my life, and I’ll treasure it forever. Lessons learned just by watching Mutsuko and Rika-Fujii and Haruka play are still teaching me to be a better musician. Hanging out with Michael Oesterle inspired me to keep striving for greater things. Rehearsing with Ryan and Haruka and Rika-Fujii was about as good as it gets. There is full video of the concert here:

FYI – off the top of my head, here are some other great memories:

Playing Six Pianos with NEXUS
Halo Ballet at the Vector Video Game Conference, only because Erik Ross managed to kill us all perfectly at the end in sequence, completely unintentionally
Vortex Temporum with Toca Loca
Popera Cabaret in last year’s Global TV Cabaret Festival

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