This is a live recording of Andre Ristic’s Prelude and Fugue, commissioned by the CBC in honour of Glenn Gould’s 75th Birthday.

Prelude – Andre Ristic

Fugue – Andre Ristic

I’m in the process of performing the entire Haydn Piano Trio cycle (more than forty!) thanks to Jan Narveson of the Kitchener-Waterloo Chamber Music Society.  Here’s one of my favourites, a relatively unknown trio that I’ve nicknamed “The Lombard”.

Haydn Trio XV:11 in Eb: Allegro Moderato

Haydn Trio XV:11 in Eb: Tempo di Menuetto

I play in a fun band called Friendly Rich and the Lollipop People.  Here’s an excerpt from a recent album, our cover of Mussorgsky’s Pictures at an Exhibition.

Baba Yaga

Here’s two tracks from Toca Loca’s debut album, P*P. No Time was written by Myra Davies, and features special guests The Walter Haul, another band I play with.  Shoot Like A Film Star is a fun rhapsody on spam by Aaron Gervais.

No Time

Shoot Like A Film Star

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