Metronome Rental

After getting a price quote for metronome rentals from Wittner to perform Ligeti’s Poeme Symphonique (about $3500 including shipping), I decided it would be more fun to buy them and have a set at my disposal, to satisfy my periodic urges.

I have one hundred black Wittner Model 836 Taktell Piccolo metronomes. If you are interested in renting my set, contact me through my website! They live in Toronto, so keep that in mind when calculating shipping logistics.

They arrive in a big heavy shipping crate, and will take some time to unload and unpack. You should also spend some time with them to get a feel for how long to wind them/how fast they are set – otherwise you could end up with a very short or very long performance. I would recommend at least one “test run” to iron out any kinks and to make sure that all the metronomes are completely expended. If you test them at a certain number of half-rotation winds at a median tempo and get a rough timing, you can extrapolate the winds/tempo as a ratio. i.e. if 6 half-turns at 120 lasts 6 min, 9 half-turns at 180 will last roughly the same time. Beware MM 40-50 + overwinding!

OE2013.2 metronomes

Performances so far:

Open Ears Festival of Music and Sound 2013
Fluxible 2013
Victoria Symphony 2014 (link to a Times Colonist article)
National Youth Orchestra of Canada 2014
New Music Edmonton 2015 (link to a Edmonton Journal article)


Thanks to the folks at Counterpoint Music for helping me out!

Renting in Europe? Try the makers themselves: Wittner GMBH. It’s about 1000 EUR last time I checked, plus shipping. The advantage here is that you will be getting the big wooden ones. email: for current rates, availability and shipping details. I would recommend this for non-continental renters, as the shipping from Europe is much more than the rental itself.

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